The XnRoll product:

XnRoll  is a true 3-in-1 Portable Workstation that integrates:

  1. A flexible toolbox and material organizer
  2. A customizable workbench.
  3. An excellent mobile cart

The XnRoll Portable Workstation is the perfect solution for professionals who primarily work on-site: craftsmen, photographers, electricians, fitters and many others.

The innovation

Our 3-in-1 Portable Workstation is the only product on the market to combine instantaneous assembly, flexible configurability, and maximal portability. 

No more scattered toolboxes and tools all around the workshop.

No more tedious efforts to organize your work place.

Create a most professional and efficient work area within seconds.

A real upgrade for technicians and professional workers.

Key Advantages:

Folds down to just 20x20x90cm for easy storage in any vehicle.

Safely stack equipment, tools, and materials on two or more levels.

Preset your preferred dimensions, so XnRoll always opens to exactly the right size.

Whole world of unique accessories, providing a smart solution for every task.

Opens to any length and width in seconds, from 20x20cm to 110x55cm.

No need to keep bending over – the toolboxes are placed at an ideal working height of 90cm.

Quickly switch out wheels to suit different terrains.

Patented product.

Sample applications

| Dedicated Toolboxes

Special drawer systems for tools and materials enable any professional to create the perfect mobile workstation for their needs.

| Toolboxes of All Types & Sizes

Thanks to universal straps, XnRoll can easily accommodate any toolbox on the market.

| High-Volume Mesh Basket

Transport equipment and materials in bulk with XnRoll’s huge mesh basket.

| Raw Material Transportation

Even without adding any accessories, XnRoll is the perfect solution for smoothly moving raw materials.

| Workbench

Once XnRoll has safely transported all equipment, it efficiently converts into a convenient workbench for any task.

| Anything You Imagine

XnRoll is a unique “open source” cart designed to be developed and adapted to suit countless applications.


| Telescopic Bars

Adjust XnRoll’s size and configuration to meet the needs of any current task.

| Directional Stoppers

Set your preferred dimensions in advance and return to them the moment you open the cart.

| Interchangeable Wheels

Access any location, no matter the terrain conditions.

| Clamping Rings

Need a fully rigid structure for specific tasks? Simply lock the rings in place.


We are committed to positively impact professional work environments all around the world. Our mission is to promote the XnRoll project and help workers everywhere become more efficient and productive.

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